Membership Process

The process of becoming a member of the Algonquin Club of Boston involves six steps.

1. You must be nominated as a candidate by a member of the Club, who will serve as your sponsor. Your sponsor will guide you through the process and will act as your liaison with the Club. The Club will facilitate contacts with a potential sponsor for an individual who does not have current Club members among his or her acquaintances.

2. In addition, you will need one other sponsor. The Club will facilitate contact with a potential co-sponsor, if needed.

3. The candidate must complete the candidate information portion of the Club's written form of proposal for membership, including providing the names of and contact information for personal references, who need not be members of the Club. Once completed, including with the sponsor's and co-sponsors comments on suitability for membership, the proposal form is submitted to the Membership Committee.

4. The Membership Committee will review the completed proposal form, confirm the candidate's eligibility for the class of membership being sought and may contacts one or more of the named personal references. Upon completion of its review, the Membership committee will refer the proposal to the Admissions Committee, with a recommendation.

5. The Admissions Committee will arrange an interview with each candidate to gain further knowledge regarding the candidate and his or her suitability for admission as a member. If the Admissions Committee determines that the candidate is suitable for admission, the Admissions Committee will so report to the Executive Committee and recommend admission. Otherwise, the Club will notify the candidate that his or her proposal will not be presented to the Executive Committee for consideration and action.

6. The Executive Committee has the sole authority to admit a person to membership. Having considered the report and recommendation of the Admissions Committee with respect to a proposal to admit a candidate as a member of the Club, the Executive Committee will act to approve or not approve the proposal.

If your proposal for membership proceeds through the foregoing steps and is approved by the Executive Committee, you will receive a packet which will include information regarding the Club and its rules and policies, together with a membership card having your membership number. Our Controller will promptly send an invoice to you for the applicable admission fee and prorated first-period's dues. Upon the Club's receipt of payment of such invoice, your membership will be activated. Failure to make payment of the invoiced amount will subject a new member to having his or her membership being nullified, in which case the person may not reapply for membership until at least one year has elapsed.

If you are interested in Club membership, you can Request Membership Information or call the club 617-266-2400.